The screening platform for rapid recruiting

Chatstrike provides unmatched efficiency for high-volume roles. Screen candidates 7x faster, and 2x your conversion rate with the top candidates.


Built for high-volume hiring

Chatstrike’s screening platform was built for high-volume roles and roles requiring questionnaires or assessments.

Good Candidate Experience
One-way Video Screens Chatbot Screens Phone/ Video Screens Messaging Screens
The fastest and most efficient way to give candidates access to you.
High Candidate Conversion
One-way Video Screens Chatbot Screens Phone/ Video Screens Messaging Screens
Over 90% completion rate for pre-chat questions and assessment tests.
Fast Hiring
One-way Video Screens Chatbot Screens Phone/ Video Screens Messaging Screens
Personally screen 10 candidates per hour the same week they apply.
Saves Recruiter Time
One-way Video Screens Chatbot Screens Phone/ Video Screens Messaging Screens
Auto-scheduling, auto-screening, and personal screening at scale.

The modern way to screen candidates

Save time interviewing with industry-leading screening capabilities built into every hiring event.


Chat with only qualified candidates.

Only candidates who meet your must-have requirements can schedule a chat.


Candidates self-schedule based on your availability.

Candidates can reschedule if they can’t make it or if they no-show.


Candidates answer your pre-chat questions upon scheduling.

Nearly 100% completion rate. You know if the candidate is a fit before the chat even starts.


Privately message multiple candidates simultaneously.

Use message templates to answer candidate questions and schedule the next interview.

Customer Story

"With Chatstrike, each recruiter went from hiring 2-3 people a month to 10-14 people a month."

"With some candidates applying 50 different jobs, being able to connect with a live recruiter quickly can be the make or break of securing a great candidate.

With Chatstrike, we are able to send out chat invitations within 1 day of application. The applicant then can select a time to chat with a recruiter the very next day.”

“With Chatstrike, we are able to personally screen 5 candidates in 15 minutes. This has had a HUGE impact on both speed of hire and our efficiency as recruiters.”

Zirtual relies on Chatstrike to accelerate applicant screening

Chatstrike's Applicant Screening Product provides amplified capabilities without losing the personalized connection required to convert quality candidates.

The Challenge

Overloaded with applications. Zirtual was receiving nearly 200 applications a week for their Virtual Assistant jobs.

Difficulty screening. ~20% of applicants were potentially qualified, but Zirtual didn't have time to screen all the candidates.

Applicant attrition. Long response times caused candidates to drop off before Zirtual could contact them for an interview.

Poor enagagement. Zirtual sent out questionnaires to candidates but 80% never responded.

Zirtual needed a solution to improve the candidate experience and applicant conversion without hiring additional recruiters.

The Solution

Auto-Scheduling. Zirtual shares a link to potentially qualified candidates, where they sign up for available time slots to message. Per Zirtual's configuration, up to 5 candidates can sign up for each time slot; each chat is 1-1.

Auto-Screening. After signup, Chatstrike prompts the candidate to answer pre-chat questions or complete an assessment. Knowing they are already confirmed to chat with you, nearly 100% of candidates take the time to answer questions.

Personal Screening at Scale. Zirtual is able to view each candidate's answers to pre-chat questions, making it easy to eliminate some candidates right away. Zirtual seamlessly messages with the rest at one time, using message templates to ask (1) follow-up questions, (2) answer candidate FAQs, and (3) schedule the next step in the interview process.

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