Hello Career Training Providers. These hiring events are for you.

Provide your Learners with Full Calendars of Job Interviews

Virtual hiring events hosted by career training providers and underserved communities. Chatstrike helps you attract employers.

“Chatstrike is an amazing platform that helps our program #Journey2Salesforce immensely. We are super happy to be using Chatstrike to host monthly hiring events.”
Nitisha Jukareddy
Senior Manager
“The platform helped us manage huge events with just a click of a button. We are able to connect thousands of program grads with potential employers with very minimal effort.”
Nitisha Jukareddy
Senior Manager
“It is very user friendly, efficient, and effective.”
Nitisha Jukareddy
Senior Manager

Chatstrike helps you attract employers to your hiring event

The best way to help your learners attain career-changing jobs is by providing them direct access to a variety of employers.

Unrivaled Recruiter Experience
Industry-leading screening capabilities allow companies to interview 10x more candidates, giving all your learners a chance to connect with them.
Chatstrike-supported Outreach Campaigns
Chatstrike plays a supporting role targeting employers for your program and attracting them to your hiring event. Chatstrike also provides event branding and communications.
Chatstrike-managed Onboarding
Chatstrike manages the logistics and onboards each employer to your hiring event, ensuring they are set up for success.
Track Outcomes

Complete visibility

View candidate outcomes by job and employer.
View recruiter feedback why candidates are declined.
View salaries pre- vs. post-program. Coming soon.
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Connect your learners with top employers.